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Product information
product name: Methane transmitter
product brand: Skyeaglee
Product number: SK-600-CH4
Measurement object: Methane in the air
product description

product description:
采用原装进口传感器和32位纳米微控制器技术. 响应速度快,测量精度高,稳定性和重复性好等优点. 防爆接线方式适用于各种危险场所, 4-20mA/RS485标准信号输出,继电器开关量输出;并兼容各种控制报警器, PLC, DCS等控制系统, 可以同时实现现场声光报警和开关量输出控制, 完美显示各项技术指标和气体浓度值; 同时具有多种极强的电路保护功能, 有效防止各种人为因素, 不可控因素导致的仪器损坏; The fixed methane transmitter uses imported sensors and 32-bit nano-microcontroller technology. It has the advantages of fast response speed, high measurement accuracy, good stability and repeatability, etc. The explosion-proof wiring method is suitable for various hazardous locations, 4-20mA / RS485 standard signal output, relay switch output; and compatible with various control alarms, PLC, DCS and other control systems, can simultaneously achieve on-site sound and light alarm and switch output control, perfect display of various technical indicators and gas concentration values; at the same time With a variety of strong circuit protection functions, effectively prevent various human factors, instrument damage caused by uncontrollable factors;

Product Features:

进口电化学传感器具有 优秀 的抗干扰性能,使用寿命长达 3年; 1.Imported electrochemical sensors have excellent anti-interference performance, and the service life is up to 3 years;

采用先进微处理器技术,响应速度快 ,测量精度高,稳定性和重复性好; 2.Using advanced microprocessor technology, fast response speed , high measurement accuracy, good stability and repeatability;
检测现场具有现场声光报警功能,气体浓度超标即时报警,是危险现场作业的安全保障 ; 3. The detection site has on-site sound and light alarm function, and the gas concentration exceeds the standard for immediate alarm, which is the safety guarantee for dangerous field operations ;
现场带背光大屏幕 LCD显示,直观显示气体浓度/类型/单位/工作状态等; 4. On-site large-screen LCD display with backlight , visual display of gas concentration / type / unit / working status, etc .;
独立气室,传感器更换便捷 ,更换无须现场标定,传感器关键参数自动识别; 5. Independent air chamber, the sensor is easy to replace, no field calibration is required for replacement, and the key parameters of the sensor are automatically identified;
全量程范围温度数字自动跟踪补偿,保证测量准确性 ; 6. Full-range temperature digital automatic tracking compensation to ensure measurement accuracy ;

纳米工艺超低功耗 32位微处量器; 7.Nano -process ultra-low power 32-bit microprocessor

全软件自动校准 ,传感器多达6级目标点校准功能,保证测量的准确性和线性,并且具有数据恢复功能; 8.Full software automatic calibration , sensor calibration function with up to 6 levels of target points, ensuring accuracy and linearity of measurement, and data recovery function;

具备过压保护 ,防雷保护,短路保护,反接保护,防静电干扰,防磁场干扰等功能; 9.With over-voltage protection , lightning protection, short-circuit protection, reverse connection protection, anti-static interference, anti-magnetic field interference and other functions;

并且具有自动恢复功能 ,防止发生外部原因,人为原因,自然灾害等造成仪器损坏;全中文/英 10.With auto-recovery function to prevent damage to the instrument caused by external reasons, man-made reasons, natural disasters, etc .; all Chinese / English

11.PPM,% VOL, mg / m3 can be switched freely;

防高浓度气体冲击的自动保护功能 ; 12.Automatic protection function against high concentration gas impact ;

Technical Parameters:

(更多量程请电话咨询) Detection range: 0-1; 10; 20; 50; 100; 200; 500; 1000; 2000PPM; 0-100% LEL (for more ranges, please call for consultation)

根据量程和传感器而定 ) Resolution: 0.01; 0.1; 1PPM; 0.1% LEL ( depending on range and sensor )

温度检测范围: -40 Temperature and humidity: temperature detection range: -40   95%RH ,无冷凝 60 ℃, humidity detection range: ≤ 95% RH , non-condensing

± 1% 外壳材质: 铝合金 Working voltage: 5V ± 1% Shell material: aluminum alloy

3% 线性误差: ≤± 1% Detection accuracy: ≤ ± 3% linear error: ≤ ± 1%

20 秒( T90 零点漂移: ≤± 1% FS/ 年) Response time: ≤ 20 seconds ( T90 ) Zero drift: ≤ ± 1% ( FS / year)

20 Recovery time: ≤ 20 seconds   complex   ≤± 1% Property: ≤ ± 1%

4-20mA 信号:标准的 16 位精度 4-20mA 输出芯片,传输距离 1Km Signal output: ① 4-20mA signal: standard 16 -bit precision 4-20mA output chip, transmission distance 1Km

RS485 信号:采用标准 MODBUS RTU 协议,传输距离 2Km RS485 signal: using standard MODBUS RTU protocol, transmission distance 2Km

  0.4-2V 0-5V 输出,可自行设置 Voltage signal: 0.4-2V or 0-5V output, can be set by yourself  

  2 组继电器,可选第三组继电器,继电器无源触点,容量 220VAC 3A/24VDC 3A Digital signal: Standard 2 groups of relays, optional third group of relays, passive contacts of the relay, capacity 220VAC 3A / 24VDC 3A

× 143 × 107mm(L × W × H 1.5Kg( 仪器净重 ) Dimensional weight: 183 × 143 × 107mm (L × W × H ) 1.5Kg ( net weight of the instrument )

12 30VDC ) Working power: 24VDC ( 12 30VDC )

Explosion-proof grade: ExdII CT6

Protection class: IP65

Range selection :

Methane is an important fuel and the main component of natural gas, accounting for about 87%. In standard pressure room temperature environment, methane is colorless and odorless; the special taste of domestic natural gas is an artificial odor added for safety, usually methyl mercaptan or ethyl mercaptan. In an atmosphere of atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of methane is −161 ° C. As long as the gas content in the air exceeds 5% to 15%, it is very flammable. Liquefied methane will not burn unless in a high-pressure environment (usually 4 to 5 atmospheres). Chinese national standards stipulate that methane cylinders are brown and white.

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