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Product information
product name: Sulfuryl fluoride SO2F2 gas probe
product brand: Skyeaglee
Product number: SK-600- SO2F2
Measurement object: Sulfuryl fluoride gas in the air
product description

Gas introduction:

Sulfuryl fluoride is an inorganic compound whose chemical formula is SO2F2. It is a colorless and odorless gas at normal temperature and pressure. It is stable at 400 ° C and its reactivity is not too strong. Sulfuryl fluoride has the characteristics of strong diffusion and permeability, broad-spectrum insecticide, low drug consumption, low residual amount, fast insecticidal speed, short air release time, easy use at low temperature, no effect on germination rate, and low toxicity. It is more and more widely used in warehouses, cargo ships, containers and buildings, reservoir dams, termite control, and control of wintering pests in gardens and dry tree pests. China has begun trial production of sulfuryl fluoride in the early 1980s. However, the latest research by American scientists shows that it will become a potent greenhouse gas when emitted into the air, and its harm is greater than scientists' previous judgment.

Product features :

1)原装进口传感器,自动温度补偿、零点漂移及满量程漂移补偿. ( 1) Original imported sensor, automatic temperature compensation, zero drift and full scale drift compensation.

2)防高浓度硫酰氟气体冲击的自动保护及传感器故障自检功能. ( 2) Automatic protection against high-concentration sulfuryl fluoride gas shocks and sensor failure self-test function.

3)电路防护设计,大大降低安装和使用过程中的故障率. ( 3) Circuit protection design, greatly reducing the failure rate during installation and use.

4) 全量程范围温度数字自动跟踪补偿,保证测量准确性 . ( 4) Full-range temperature digital automatic tracking compensation to ensure measurement accuracy .

5) 温度补偿、多级校准,能同时符合国标和各个地区 地方、省级计量局标准. ( 5) Temperature compensation and multi-level calibration can meet national standards and local and provincial metrology bureau standards at the same time .

6)仪器配置红外遥控器,通过遥控器实现全菜单操作,无须开盖,简单方便 ( 6) The instrument is equipped with an infrared remote control, which enables full menu operation through the remote control, without the need to open the cover, simple and convenient

Technical Parameters:

0-10、50、100、200、500、1000、2000、50000PPM等(详细量程请联系在线客服) Detection range: 0-10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 50000PPM, etc. (For detailed ranges, please contact online customer service)
Minute   Distinguish    0.1ppm、0.01PPM、1PPM (根据量程和传感器而定) Rate: 0.1ppm, 0.01PPM, 1PPM (depending on range and sensor)
液晶显示 Display mode: LCD display
扩散式、流通式、泵吸式可选 Detection method: diffusion type, flow type, pumping type are optional
① 4-20mA信号:16位精度4-20mA输出芯片,传输距离1Km Signal output: ① 4-20mA signal: 16-bit precision 4-20mA output chip, transmission distance 1Km
② RS485 signal: using standard MODBUS RTU protocol, transmission distance 2Km
③ Voltage signal: 0-5V, 0-10V output, can be set by yourself
④ Pulse signal: also known as frequency signal, adjustable frequency range (optional)
⑤ Switch signal: 2 sets of relays as standard, optional third group of relays,
① 电缆传输:3芯、4芯电缆线,远距离传输(1-2公里) Transmission method: ① Cable transmission: 3 core, 4 core cable, long distance transmission (1-2 km)
② GPRS transmission: built-in GPRS module, real-time remote transmission of data, (optional)
用户电脑、控制报警器、PLC、DCS、等 Receiving equipment: user computer, control alarm, PLC, DCS, etc.
现场声光报警、外置报警器、远程控制器报警、数据采集报警等 Alarm method: live sound and light alarm, external alarm, remote controller alarm, data acquisition alarm, etc.
标准配置两级报警,可选三级报警;可设置报警方式:常规高低报警、区间控制报警 Alarm setting: standard configuration of two-level alarm, optional three-level alarm; alarm modes can be set: conventional high-low alarm, interval control alarm
3/4″NPT内螺纹、1/2″NPT内螺纹,同时支持2种电器连接方式 Electrical interface: 3/4 ″ NPT internal thread, 1/2 ″ NPT internal thread, and supports 2 electrical connection methods
压铸铝+喷砂氧化/氟碳漆,防爆防腐蚀 Housing material: die-cast aluminum + sandblasted oxidation / fluorocarbon paint, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion
24VDC(12~30VDC) Working power: 24VDC (12 ~ 30VDC)
183×143×107mm(L×W×H)1.5Kg(仪器净重) Dimension and weight: 183 × 143 × 107mm (L × W × H) 1.5Kg (net weight of the instrument)

Application of sulfuryl fluoride gas probe:

Petroleum and petrochemical, chemical industry, smelting plant, steel plant, mining plant, thermal power plant, pharmaceutical production workshop, environmental monitoring, fire alarm, sewage treatment, gas station monitoring, security inspection, inspection and quarantine, etc. 硫酰氟气体泄露情况,当有硫酰氟气体泄漏时,探测器会检测到泄漏信息,并且实时显示泄漏硫酰氟气体浓度,而且及时将相关数据传输到控制器,当达到一定浓度时,控制器会提示使用者已经检测到气体泄漏,联动设备、相关人员采取相关措施,是保证环境、生产、以及生命财产安全的重要仪器。 It is mainly used to monitor the leakage of sulfuryl fluoride gas indoors and outdoors . When there is a leakage of sulfuryl fluoride gas, the detector will detect the leakage information, and display the leakage sulfuryl fluoride gas concentration in real time, and timely transmit the relevant data to the controller When a certain concentration is reached, the controller will prompt the user that a gas leak has been detected, and the associated equipment and related personnel to take relevant measures are important instruments to ensure the safety of the environment, production, and life and property. If you want to know more detailed product information and related materials, please feel free to contact us!

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